• How much is a consultation for a custom piece?
    20.00 for 30 minutes. The 20.00 will be applied toward your handmade piece when you make your purchase. It can be done by Email, Direct Message, Instagram Video Chat or Zoom Meet. 
    • I have no idea what I want! Can you send me a picture of what you've done?
    I have some examples on the main page of my website. 
    • I saw the necklace and bracelet you made, but can I change the gemstones?
    Absolutely! Depending on the gemstones you choose, the metal, and length, prices may vary. For example: Emeralds, Sapphires and Tanzanite would cost more than Tiger's Eye, Rose Quartz, and Hematite.
    • Will you give me a style to choose from?
    If we haven't come up with something together by the end of the consultation, I will give you 2 design suggestions you can choose from based off the information you provided.
    • What metals do you use?
    Stainless Steel, 14k filled rose gold, 14k filled gold, 14k gold, sterling silver, and copper.
    • How much is my piece going to cost?
    Prices vary based on the metal you choose, and the size and type of gemstones you choose for your special piece.
    • What can you make?
    I specialize in gemstones, crystals, beads or pearl necklaces and bracelets, wire wrapped hoops with pearls, crystals, beads or gemstones, and polymer clay earrings. I will definitely let you know during the consultation if it is out of my area of expertise.
    • How long will it take?
    All Items are made by hand. The consultation takes about 30-45 mins, 24 hrs for the designs if needed with pricing, and up to 2.5 weeks for the item to be made, especially if I am hand selecting gemstones for your special piece that I do not have in stock.
    • Can you make matching sets such as necklace and bracelets?
    Yes I can. Prices vary per set based on design, metal, and gemstone choice.
    • What do you mean by gemstones?
    The gemstones I work with are smooth or faceted but are in their "natural state" and are not to be confused with gemstone faceted gems. See the picture below.