Blue Sage


Blue Sage Tied with cotton, approximately 4 inches long and 1.25 inches wide.  Blue Sage also known as "Grandmother Sage” is closely related to White Sage but has a lighter, more floral aroma. Blue Sage incense smoke is not as pungent as White Sage smoke and is a great option to those who find the scent of White Sage overpowering.

 Smudging with the smoke of blue sage smudge sticks is ideal for cleansing negative energy, enhancing your intuition, attracting positive energy and light when emotionally or spiritually tired or lacking motivation, ridding yourself of other people’s negative emotional energy (stress, anger, envy, anxiety, or bad intentions), and rejuvenation and renewal to start fresh after moving into a new home, after overcoming adversity, after an argument or after illness.

*Please do not use this as medical advice. This sage is ethically sourced. 

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