-Polymer clay is very durable but earrings should not be worn in water to include the tub, shower, and pool.

-Do not bend or scratch the earrings and store in a low-humidity environment to extend the life of the clay.

-Crystal Care- Use a mild soap, warm water and soft washcloth to softly rub away any dirt or debris.

-Never use jewelry cleaners on them, if your polymer clay jewelry is accompanied with metal, cover the clay with plastic while cleaning the metal.

-Stainless Steel Care- The easiest way to clean your stainless steel is with mild soap and water. Wipe dry with a lint free cloth, or you can use baking soda and water gently scrub with an old toothbrush, rinse and wipe dry with a lint free cloth.

-Copper Care-
Copper will tarnish over time. If it's lacquered, it'll be less shiny and you can use a polishing cloth to clean it. 

If it's natural- You can use mildly acidic liquids to clean it such as lemon juice or vinegar,  AVOID ALL STONES ESPECIALLY PEARLS- IT WILL DAMAGE THE STONES.

Vinegar-Soak the bracelet in some vinegar for 5-10 minutes. Rub it clean if needed. Rinse thoroughly with water. Then dry it with a cloth.

Cleaning paste: Add equal parts lemon juice and baking soda to make a cleaning paste. Use the paste to clean the bracelet by rubbing it gently with your fingers, a cloth, or an old toothbrush. After the bracelet is clean, rinse it and dry it with a soft cloth.


-Avoid contact with makeup, hair styling products and perfumes. This may cause the clay to stain if it comes into contact with these products.

-To clean the polymer clay earrings, simply use a piece of moist soft fabric and wipe it gently. When you are not wearing your unique pieces please store in a container.

-Pearl Care Gently Wipe Away any debris with a microfiber cloth. THEY ARE VERY DELICATE.  Store Pearls in Velvet Bag provided. Use Jewelry cleaning cloth for Silver or Gold only. 

-Brass Care gently clean with warm water and a mild liquid soap, use a soft brush to gently scrub, and rinse thoroughly. 

-Tassel Care if the tassels become unruly- slightly dampen the tassels, comb through with hands gently and lady flat to dry. 

***Because they are handmade, there may be slight differences in pattern and/or color.

***All earrings are listed with all components. Please read carefully. If any allergic reactions occur, please discontinue use and consult a Physician.

-Earring use is at the discretion of the buyer.

-PureJoieJewelry is NOT responsible for any medical injuries, or allergic reactions.