Amazonite Necklace


Exclusively at Shakoors Merchandise 
319 N 2nd St, Richmond, VA 23219

Materials Used: Sterling Silver Chain & Raw Free Style Wire Wrapped Amazonite Gemstone .75 inches. 

Necklace Comes With A Cleaning Cloth, Detailed Cleansing Instructions, and  Information About Your Crystal.

Features A Unique Chain Link 18 inch (Other Necklace Lengths Available Below) Sterling Silver Necklace Finished With A Spring Closure.

Please refer to the chain length chart. 

***Pictures Are Of The Actual Necklace.

Amazonite is also known as the "hope stone." It brings calming and soothing energies. Powerful Throat and Heart Charkra Opener and Healer. Soothes Trauma, and provides balance.

*Please do not use this information as medical advice.

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